Experts decipher mental longevity

Intellectual workers sitting working desk for a long time, some sitting day during the day, evening and midnight oil, till midnight, this would most easily be premature, affecting life. Introduction to medical stressed: "Yi Yi sits all day, most are life and death", and anyone who has said: "people know long lines stand to hurt, lying and not long time ago especially wounding. "The United States Professor of art-covered also said," the less stagnation "is an important cause of premature mortality.
mental was so busy studying or working at the desk all day long, often in the neck bent forward, affecting the circulation of the blood flow, makes brain prone to lack of oxygen and nutrient supply, and intense mental activity also need to consume large amounts of oxygen and nutrients, so over time may feel dizzy.
in the process of constant stress brain, or that after the brain for a long time, lack of adequate physical activity to regulate brain fatigue would be difficult to eliminate. Over time, can cause dysfunction of the brain, the most common is a nervous breakdown: frequent dizziness headache, insomnia and more dreams, memory loss, lack of concentration, loss of appetite, depressed, upset, tired, it is difficult to adhere to study and work.
long strain of mental work, and lack of physical activity, hypertension, coronary heart disease, gastric and duodenal ulcer disease important causes, so some people refer to diseases such as "lack of exercise".
so "hard" intellectuals must pay special attention to "Lowe brothers."
a white-collar worker longevity through the ages, good brains, all focused on physical and sports activities. Professor
Confucius disciple, not only invested with poetry, books, ritual, music, and taught archery and drive technology, also lead the student into the vast nature hiking and mountaineering. He appreciates most is in the spring, in March, put on the spring, accompanied by old friends, take the children, to the River to bathe, to the Hill hair dryer and praise poetry, singing. The brain thinker and educator in the "life 70 outdated" era, but Interestingly, apparently with his "problem", and at "Dr brothers" are closely related.
examples of teacher from Confucius and combining inspiration, life is diligent in the brain, and diligent exercise, do both, so after retirement until the age of 90, still life, and often read and write. He also describes his experience: "for decades, has been to arrange your time well and orderly, mental work and physical work alternately. While eliminating the mental tensions caused by the high State of tension, central nervous system fully resting on one hand and then returned to the embrace of nature, is a breath of fresh air, swaying and bones, promotes metabolism, enhance the function of the body in all its aspects. This is my light old, suffering from high blood pressure and other diseases, to retire one of the reasons. "
is Professor Ma yinchu famous demographer, is also at the centenarian's birthday, he is one of the three oldest trick" constant motion ". Consistent, regular exercise. Old life is diligent in brain, and diligent hands feet, he Sung several decades insisted exercise, six thousand or seven thousand steps each day, even though ailing in his later years, without interruption.
Shanghai calligrapher Su Juxian, also pay special attention to sports and health, he quipped: "animals need to be fixed, not become waste. "He was up at dawn every day, and Yu Ting, in particular, like to walk in the wild with fresh air, even at 90, still cheerfully to walk six thousand or seven thousand steps into the field. With the increase of age, mobility to the wild, he cheerfully insist on housework, until old age, has never stopped. His deep experience and said: "I like work, chores can do that is to do, only when completely stopped, panting sweating most happy. "The Soviet Bureau in 1985 was named the national healthy elderly, 1991 died, at the age of 111.
tricks for people to consult the hundredth birthday to retire, he replied with a laugh: "the trick is to three every day: every day activities, learning every day, doing things every day. "
have proved adept at" Dr foot and "Yes" bother "prevention of disease and avoiding premature, the secret of health and longevity, so we are in tight head clearance should be interspersed with physical activity. Better form the habit of daily outdoor exercise, regardless of exercise running, boxing, will do. Go out for a walk after dinner, and is also an effective method. On Sundays, national holidays stride feet, to go out for an outing, can relax, exercise, health, very useful. BACK

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