Cold prevention tips

Feet hot
per night with a heat-blistered feet for 15 minutes, water should be no feet, feet to red after the bubble. When
raw/> raw and scallion onions, heat can be poured on the chopped onion, then eat tofu and mixed vegetables.
/> cold water wash your face with cold water every day. Hold a handful of washing nose with the hand, the nose gently inhale a little water, then blew out several times. Nasal Groove
massage/> both hands to rub Palms heated massage yingxiang acupoint (located in the nose and outer edge of the ditch, horizontal flat-nose point) more than 10 times. Breathe
first when you have a cold, pour in a cup of boiling water, hot air and take a deep breath, and cool until the water in the Cup so far, several times a day, can reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion.

hot air surface when the first symptoms of a cold and hot air hair dryer blowing on the temples of 3-5 minutes, several times a day, can ease the symptoms. BACK

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