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Maternal and child care

A, and newborn science feeding, and life cuisine
rushed adjustable milk: water temperature in 38-40 degrees, rushed adjustable concentration by products requirements and newborn specific situation ratio number;
    artificial feeding water: two times feeding Zhijian added once water, water not over milk volume of half (feeding feed water zhihou, must took hiccup);
    milk with cleaning disinfection: through high temperature disinfection, makes milk with, and Appliances without the stain without water mark;
    bath: in about half an hour before feeding, water temperature 37---38 degrees room temperature 28---30 degrees, 5----10 minutes, light movement, speed, security,
    laundry: using professional baby detergent to wash, soft clothes to clean.
II, physical phenomena and care of newborn
temperature: normal temperature neonates, will use thermometers, right to the newborns measure;
    cord care: Mastering the umbilical cord care, prevent Omphalitis occurs;
    features: master the correct cleaning method to prevent related diseases;
    Eczema of the skin: to understand the causes of eczema and preventive measures, control treatments;
    sleep: neonatal sleep patterns to help newborns to develop good sleeping habits;
    jaundice: judgment cause, master retreat jaundice;
    accident: understanding of the types of injuries, Master the methods of prevention and treatment of injuries.
, maternal care and maternity communication: according to maternal life styles and topics of interest, chat with maternal in mild language;
    nutritional diet, soup: according to the tastes of women, arrange confinement meals, making nutritional diet and soup;
    breast care: master the skill of massaging the breasts, help women cleaning massaging the breasts, Steering maternal right of breastfeeding, reasonable arrangements for feeding time;
    wound care: helping women cleaning and disinfection of the wound, found problems in time to remind treatment;
    maternity clothes: cleaning drying alone on a regular basis, keeping clothes neat and tidy;
    maternal and child health: clean the infant room, indoor dust, bed, clothes, Items placed in order, medium at room temperature, the air is fresh;
    Lochia observation: observation of secretion of Lochia, steering maternal handled correctly.
touch, newborn behavior training: hands clean, warm, touching action essentials, according to the order of;
    neck extension: infants placed prone position, put their hands in the front crawl, practice head;
    objects: with a dark red-coloured objects, moving distance of 20 cm;
    Passive: passive exercise training requirements, to moderate;
    training: items, from baby 15 cm;
    language training: use mild language and communicate with babies;
    Visual training: using different items, touch the skin, enhance infant perception.

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