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Care of the elderly

One, elderly home cleaning
kitchen: walls, floors, hobs, cooker, free of oil stains, water stains, dirt free. Range hood without grease, clean and bright inside and outside left; the Cabinet clean inside and outside, no grease, no trace of water, utensils neatly, kitchen waste time cleaning up.
    bathrooms: walls, countertops, mirrors, free of dirt, foreign bodies. Inside and outside doors and Windows clean, hygienic, cleaning supplies neatly stacked. Garbage time.
    bedroom: furniture, dust-free, items neatly, the room is not gray. No hair, no water stains on the ground. Beds are clean and tidy.
    living room furniture dust free, items neatly, indoor ash-free, free from dirt, water stains, no hair, no security risks.
II, family meals for the elderly make
according to the old body and dietary restrictions, should be soft, rotten food, boiling, Braising, boiling, steaming, arrangements for three meals a day.
    breakfast: liquid + main course + side;
    lunch: three dishes and a soup, main course + meat + Su + cold dish + soup;
    dinner: three dishes and a soup, main course + meat + Su + cold dish + soup;
three, help the elderly, help them to take off, dress
off, wearing clothes must guarantee the safety of the elderly, clothing, Removal order, convenient and comfortable.
four, for the elderly, bed, folding
clean, neat, comfortable mattress, quilt folded according to old requirements placed on the Cabinet or on a bed.
v, dry bedding
for the elderly based on the elderly people's demand to dry bedding, ensure that fluffy and comfortable.
six, for the elderly, washing clothes, bedding
separated by the elderly people's demand inside and outside washing clothes, clothes washing, dark, light separate, make clothing stain-free, stain-free and odor-free.
    for the elderly on a regular basis to wash bedding, clean, no stains, no sweat, no odor.
seven, for the elderly tea water
according to the old man drinking tea habit, having the right water temperature, concentration of tea tea for elderly people.
BA, assisting gay elderly feet, bath
foot: in accordance with the water temperature, water needed to wash the feet of the elderly, keep their feet clean, no odor, after washing the feet warm.
    bathing: room temperature 26-28 degrees centigrade, water temperature is adjusted according to the level of comfort for the elderly, washing slip when to eliminate security risks, after bath to keep warm.
, to accompany the elderly walk, shopping
shopping according to the habits of the elderly walking with the old man, travel, must guarantee the safety of the elderly.
    accompanied to hospital, medicine for the elderly: according to the conditions and needs of the elderly, helping elderly people to go to the hospital and get the medicine.
10, reminded the elderly medicine as prescribed
according to the old man's condition by your doctor reminded the elderly by drug, by volume, according to the times, to take medicine on time.
    chat with elderly, reading, reading: according to the habits of the elderly and topics of interest, in Mandarin accompanied chat, read a book, a newspaper. BACK

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