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Child care

A, and baby of life nursing
rushed adjustable milk: by months age and actual needs rushed adjustable milk, water temperature in 38 °-41 °, milk de concentration according to specific products requirements rushed adjustable;
    timing feeding feed water: two times milk Zhijian feed once water, water according to actual needs, three months within of small baby by newborn requirements do, feeding feed water to posture right, and cannot choke milk;
    Making auxiliary food: by months age making baby various mud paste-like auxiliary food, understand different food on baby growth development of role, reasonable added auxiliary food;
    feeding: according to baby months age, select auxiliary food of times, timing feeding, note meal Qian wash, guarantee dining environment quiet clean;
    milk with, and tableware disinfection: high temperature disinfection, makes milk with, and tableware no milk stains no water marks;
&Nbsp;   disinfection of toys: with proper disinfection of toys on a regular basis, and neatly, arranging the toys category;
    toilet care: baby urine at any time, change nappies or diapers, with warm water to clean the anus after stool;
    diaper cleaning and disinfection: use cleaning products made especially for babies, special, Clean diapers or hot disinfection disinfection conditions provided by his employer;
    baby clothes clean: cleaning products made especially for babies, dedicated, internal and external cleaning clothes classification;
    baby shower: daily scheduled feeding the baby shower, the water temperature around 38 °----41 °, rational use of baby toiletries, cleanliness comfort skin purposes;
  &Nbsp;  infant exercise: do passive exercises for months of age daily, increased exercise training.
II, simple home
baby room clean: clean, window, desktop, and free of dust, ventilation window;
    bed hygiene: cleaning, change bed linen, as appropriate, dry bedding;
    in public areas of health: when other people take care of baby oil, places such as the ground, desktop cleaning;
     Simple meals: baby safety conditions, do a simple meal.
three, and early puzzle education
sing songs: according to different months age baby of hearing development situation, sing appropriate songs, tie operation and baby for Exchange, songs type should in repeat of process in the constantly increased;
    told story, and said songs: can used oral, and read, and see figure imagine, form, said for baby months age of story and songs;
    wrote days records, Record baby's every day life, developing good habits such as eating, sleeping. Four, infant health

stick to outdoor activities, lots of Sun, resistance to raise the baby, protect the safety of infants, reduce the incidence of common diseases and injuries;
    arrange meals, proper change clothes, observation of urine, and so on.

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